Although Avocado has a high-fat content, healthy fat I should add, then they are excellent for a slimming. Avocado is first filled with nutrients. They consist mainly of 72% water and nearly 7% dietary fiber (6), which are two crucial things when it comes to weight loss.

According to a study (7), the combination of water and fiber in half an avocado helped the subjects to feel satiated for a long time after lunch. It also meant that they ate less between meals for the rest of the day.

The Researchers explained that the participants felt 40% less hungry 3 hours after the meal, and 28% less hungry after 5 hours compared to those who did not eat the avocado for lunch.

The Study also showed that avocado works due to The effect it has on blood glucose levels.

If you eat avocado for your lunch, you can prevent the annoying craving for something unhealthy in the afternoon that would like to get your diet to run off the track.

The Dietary fibers in avocado will not only help you lose weight, but they will also improve your digestion.

Better Digestion

According to SFGate (13), “absorbs the dietary fibers of avocado water, which offers and loots your stool”, which prevents constipation.

Avocado also helps other organs, such as your gallbladder, liver, intestinal tract and pancreas to function correctly. Furthermore, the omega-3 fatty acids in avocado can help reduce inflammation in our digestive tract.

So If you have recently had problems with constipation (16) or have been bloated, you can advantageously eat 1/2 avocado for your meals. It can be the perfect natural remedy that does not give you harmful side effects.

Another advantage of eating avocado is that they help with the uptake of nutrients.

Improves Nutrient Uptake

Just as with fat-soluble or water-soluble vitamins (17), there are some nutrients in our diet that our body cannot easily absorb. So to get the full benefit of these particular substances, you might want to focus on the food combination (18). That is when you combine certain foods to achieve optimum digestion and proper absorption of nutrients.

Here is what another study concluded regarding avocado (19).

When The participants used half an avocado in a salad consisting of spinate, green lettuce and carrots, they had “an 8.3 times better uptake of alpha-carotene, 13.6 times of betacarotene and 4.3 times of lutein” compared to those who did not eat avocado in their salad. These three phytonutrients (20) are responsible for keeping our skin, bones, eyes and immune system as functioning as possible.

On Top of these results, another study published showed that if you use a medium-sized avocado in tomato salsa, the lycopene substance in the tomatoes is absorbed 4.4 times more, and beta-carotene is absorbed 2.6 times more than if Choose to skip the green add-on.

And now comes some of the best of eating avocado: their ability to lower your cholesterol level.

Lowers Cholesterol

We have already written a lot about how a diet with lots of certain fats can give you unexpected, health benefits. The same also applies to avocado thanks to its high content of monounsaturated fats.

One Study (23) looked at the effects when subjects – 45 overweight or obese participants who had direct healthy blood pressure and cholesterol – added avocado to their diet.

The Idea was to compare the effects of 3 diets: one low-fat, which did not consist of avocado, one with moderate fat content, still without avocado, and one that included one avocado each day combined with a moderately fatty diet.

The Article pointed out that the moderate fatty diets had to correspond to the amount of fat that a typical American diet consists of (roughly 33% of the calories came from fat), while the low-fat diet was aimed at having about 24% calories from fat. People kept their food for five weeks.

The Result was that no one in the study lost out, but there was a significant change in their LDL, the harmful cholesterol levels. The main modifications appeared in those who ate one avocado a day: a dive of 13% to be exact.

How did it work with the other diets?

The people who ate a moderately fatty diet without avocado had a decrease of 8%, and the low-fat group had a reduction of about 7%.

The next advantage of eating avocado is a lesser known. Did you know that avocado can also make your eyes healthier?

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