Ugly Truth Behind Cow Milk

Cow Milk

Everytime we think about the advantage of consuming cow milk, we automatically think of our teeth and bones. When we were younger we were told to drink cow milk to boost our bone health and to have a better teeth growth, and also for older people to avoid osteoporosis.

However is it true? Is drinking milk really as healthy as they told us? Or is it just some ads scam?

Here’s a strange fact.. a study found that countries with the highest milk consumption, which mostly Western countries, have the most rates of osteoporosis cases.

Now  if milk really as good as what most people think, then why is it that more people who consume cow milk suffer from bone fracture? This is a contradiction to what we believed.

Now Here’s Why Cow Milk is Not As Good As You Think It Is

  1. Animal Protein

Milk is filled with lots of calcium, which is good right? BUT it’s animal protein. When we consume animal protein, the sensitive pH level is acidified by our body and because our body is always trying to keep an optimal balance, it triggers a biological reaction and works to bring it back on track.

The thing is, Calcium is a great acid neutraliser. So our body takes the calcium from the bones to keep the pH level optimal. So ironically, we consume cow milk to gain calcium but then causes the calcium contained in our bones being taken away to lessen the acidity.

2: Pasteurisation Process

Cow’s milk is undoubtly designed to feed calves not humans. And to make it digestable for humans, the cow milk needs to go through a pasteurisation process which means giving enough heat to destroy pathogens in the food, in order to kill all the bad germs and bacteria.

The problem with pasteurisation is that the process also destroys the good benefits in milk for exaple the probiotics, vitamin C and enzymes needed to help the body to absorb the calcium within the milk. The milk that we buy from the store, they all go through this process before existing in the store.

Now you may be asking “ So if cow milk is a bad source of calcium what are the alternatives?”

Heading Here are some alternatives calcium sourse that you should consume to get decent amount of calcium instead of cow milk.

The best way is to not only consume calcium rich foods but also alkaline-rich foods to make sure the acidity levels in your system won’t interfere with the calcium already exist in the bones.

High calcium food

  • Broccoli
  • Dark green, leafy vegetables
  • Almonds
  • Sardines (351 milligrams in one 3.75-ounce can)
  • Tofu (434 milligrams per half cup)

Many cereals and other food products are fortified with calcium which can be a great addition to your diet.

High-alkaline foods:

kiwi fruit, berries, grapes, lettuce, green beans, spinach, garlic, carrots.

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